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It is estimated that 80% of clicks come from natural references, which makes SEO Important Makes The Digital Choice Of Your Web Strategy It is advisable to take stock once or twice a year due to the fact that:

Billions of pages are crawled every day but it is impossible to keep track of all sites.

Google’s algorithm is made up of over 200 factors and their weights – it’s constantly evolving. Used to be. There are many who do not know the secret.


We evaluate the ergonomics and performance of your online presence against the organic search criteria taken into account. account by Google and other search engines. We mainly evaluate its strengths and weaknesses as well as the user experience.


We optimize your SEO (crawling, indexing and understanding of your content by search engines) with the aim of your positioning reaching new heights.

  • Upgraded off-site content to strengthen the popularity of your website such as:
    • domain authority,
    • incoming links (backlinks)
    • local SEO
  • Upgraded in-site content aimed at optimize the content of each of your web pages such as:
    • keywords,
    • texts,
    • images
    • internal architecture
  • Upgrade in all technical aspects must own such as:
    • site indexability and accessibility
    • sitemaps and text alt
    • SSL certificates
    • themes and plugins
  • Upgraded user experience such as :
    • calls to action
    • mobile adaptability
    • site speed
    • availability of important content


We assess the impact of the changes made in terms of the results obtained, i.e. the user experience and the performance of your site in natural search results


Regular Price $2000.00

Special $1400.00

Special 1 2 3 GB

1 month
$ 1400 Per Month
  • 1 Month

Seo Expert

3 months
$ 1200 Per Month
  • 3 Months

Seo Expert Pro

6 months
$ 1000 Per Month
  • 6 Months

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About us

VSI Digital Group is a technology agency expert in IT as well as in the fields of marketing, and Applied Web Technologies. We have been providing a full range of SMB site design and solutions for over 10 years.

Our mission is to offer our customers a one-stop shop of expert IT consultants, designers, programmers, and collaborators who can meet all your technological needs.

Our experience and expertise in several disciplinary fields provide you with a turnkey service.