Dedicated Managed Services

Dedicated Managed Services

The rapid development of today's technologies subjects us to numerous major IT problems and hacker attacks that can completely compromise our data security.

That's why we offer to let you focus on your customers and development while we ensure the proper functioning of your IT systems.

Our task is not only to solve emerging problems, but also to accompany you in the process of growing your business by providing assistance and strateg... You will be assigned a unique number that you can use anytime you need to reach a technician fully informed of your case.

We prioritize proactive maintenance of your equipment and software and provide a detailed intervention report whenever necessary. It's simple: give yourself the peace of mind you deserve.


Remote and on site IT support.

A dedicated single point of contact assigned to your project.

A personalized service by appointment.

Detailed intervention report and assessment.

Cybersecurity, DDoS.
Trojan horse, phishing, hacking.


We analyze your IT infrastructure to identify your needs and propose adjustments when necessary.

versatile elevaluation

We perform a complete cleaning of your computer network to optimize its performance while simplifying its maintenance.

versatile mide a miveau

We take care of on-site management and support of your computer fleet.