Social Media​

Global vision of our services

Global vision of our services

Social networks are well known to everyone today. They are an integral part of our lives and we use them daily to share photos, links or even write comments that show our mood.

Social media is much more than just a news feed, post or photo, however. Indeed, 3.8 billion of the 4.5 billion people using the internet worldwide are social media users and therefore represent 49% of the population. Since only last year, there has been a 9.2% increase in the number of users.

It is also interesting to note that 99% of these social network users do so from their mobile phone and spend an average of 2 hours there per day. Finally, 43% of Internet users use social networks for professional reasons. Following the current curve of recent statistics highlighting the massive use of this communication channel, which has been increasingly marked in recent years, social networks therefore represent an extremely important source of business opportunities.


However, social media will require a considerable investment of your time and manpower in terms of creating and management of your advertisements and event calendar. You will indeed need to publish regularly, from two to three times a week up to several times a day, depending on your activity and your ability to share relevant content, to be sure to reap all the benefits.

It becomes unequivocally essential to choose our experts for the support of your social networks, regardless of no matter the size of your business. The strategic framework we offer for your social media allows you to increase, engage and retain your customers. We go so far as to carry out post-campaign monitoring in order to analyze your data daily in order to improve the reach of your future advertisements.

Trust your trusted experts, they will meet all your expectations and help you achieve your advertising goals.​